About us 

In 1964, Katia's parents laid out the basis and the outlines of the store that is currently known as Baby & Co.

Under the name Baby Cars they founded a kids' department store "avant la lettre". In a minimum of time it developed into a store with name and fame. Very quickly, it could rely on a very constant and loyal clientele. It was quasi inevitable that one day Katia would take over : you could qualify it as "predestination"!

The year 2000 was the key-moment : the family business was split up in two separate companies. But that was a short-time experience, because in 2008, Katia and her husband Koen made a drastic decision. They would take full reponsibility and turn the two stores into one again. From then on, the store has been known under the new name Baby & Co.

In a gorgeous manor-house, right in the centre of Antwerp, you'll find the finest collections for your baby. Three floors guide you through a fairy world, the world of you baby!

We provide helpful assistance to choose a suitable furnishing and equipment, ranging from rooms to strollers, maxi-cosi, playpen... and so much more.

With a lot of love, patience and addiction, we'll take care of your birth-list or order.